February, 24th 2018

Northern Gerlache Straight

Somewhere between 63°44′S61°37′W and 63°40′S 60°47′W

It is the first time we land on Antarctica. The tip of the frozen continent. I still do not get used to having cold feet. Sometimes the feeling of helplessness is so overwhelming that, although my head wants to stay on land, my body only thinks about returning to the warmth of the ship.

-Julieta-Julieta, Julieta-Julieta

-Tin-Tin, Tin-Tin, pick them up and return to Ushuaia. Give them a tour around the icebergs.

-I copy you Julieta, I copy you.

We crossed a sea of ​​ice. There is no picture, no words that  can describe the beauty of what the icy waters of Antarctica harbor. It is strikingly beautiful. An endless  Ohh resonates in the lounge when either icebergs or whales break the sea surface. It is enough for only one person to see them to feed the imagination of the rest. Sometimes, I feel very tempted to shout Whale! out loud just to test if anyone can also see them, even if they are not there.

Once we were back on the ship I went up to bridge. I couldnt open the door until one of the oficials helped my in. I think they forgot to hang the sign of bridge closed and somehow they felt bad kicking me out. They worked on charting the route through which we would navigate in 5 days time. Compass, nautical chart and wit. They explained me how difficult it is to navigate following the rules in Antarctica. The inaccuracies of the nautical charts, the ices, the weather… I loved being there. I could see far beyond from their windows and somehow it was a breath of fresh air between leadership and strategy sessions.