February, 25th 2018

Neko Harbour, Andvord Bay

64°50′S 62°33′W

We arrived to Neko Harbour in Errera Channel around 10 am. We had to take some pictures for sponsors. We waited for each other and tryed to board in the last two boats. Alicia and Alex went on the first one, Uxua, Adriana and I on the last one. I was not feeling very social. The boat is big but there are not many spaces where you can be completely on your own.


I decided not to climb up the mountain and stay around the beach with Cata and Julieta. It was nice to get to talk to them and learn from their experiences. I didn´t quite understand why they weren´t interacting that much with us, but soon I will learn that the crew  was not allowed to talk to us.

When I came back to the boat my feet were freezing, I jumped in the shower and I almost burned my toes with the boiling water. Before lunch I decided to go to the bow, sit on the bell and enjoy the navigation through the channel.   After a few minutes, Purvi arrived and sat with me. Whales started to break the water. They were everywhere. We were full of joy. Greg was watching both our excitement and the whales from the bridge.