March 2nd, 2018

Neumayer Channel

64° 47′ 26″ S63° 8′ 21″ W

Morning possums, breakfast will be served in 5’.

We changed rooms. I left the first class room with Justine and moved into the third class. I shared my room with Isabel Zang Zang. It was funny, our names matched. Chance decided who was going to sleep in which bunk. My rock defeated her scissors and I got the top bunk bed with the bow hole. I liked her. WE spent some time together in the afternoon walking around the deck, getting to know each other.

The Rothera base dilemma:

It was 10’ after dinner. The leadership team called us to join them at the lounge. We were asked to help them to make a decision. Whether to go to Rothera Base or not.

The Straight through which we should be crossing towards Rothera was blocked with ice. That meant that we would have a rocking night and many people might struggle. The asked us for opinion as if we would have a say. The fear of getting sick grew on those that have been suffering the rocking through the trip.  The situation got tense when some pushed the idea of going and others claimed – under extreme anxiety- that they and their tears did not want to go. The discussion went on far too long and left everyone with a bitter taste in our months. The leadership team left to come back after ten minutes: we were not going.

The room became a bit of a chaos and the mood was icy. The ones anxious about going to open waters cried in a nervous mix of relief and guilt. The ones pushing for going saw their eyes water now. Nobody was happy.