· Science and humor ·


·Climate change·

I’m Ana Payo Payo from Big Van’s house and a faithful follower of Naukas. Today, I stand before you as a humble guardian of the planet.

I believe in science and humor as transformative tools for a more informed, responsible and sustainable society.

· Talks and workshops ·

I have given more than 200 talks and workshops in libraries, schools, institutes, prisons, theaters and universities.

· Radio and television ·

Together with “El Físico Barbudo”, I hosted the first season of the science program: Balears fa ciència. I have participated as a collaborator and guest in various radio and television programs at local and national level.

· Scientific scripts ·

Preparation and advice of scientific scripts for Big Van Science, Cinètica, MOM Works, Balears fa Ciéncia, Dame Veneno.