February 18, 2018

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego 54°48′26″S 68°18′16″O

Homeward Bound is ready to departure. The ship will leave Ushuaia around 18.  The waiting is exhausting. The mood is weird. Some people are scared, some are anxious, others are full with emotion and joy, but most of us have a mix of all of it.

I am not sure how I feel. It is a bit strange. Today is the day. I can stop playing with my hands, pressing the knuckles of my hands. Maybe, only maybe, I am a bit nervous. After breakfast we had some time to discuss the logistics to get to the ship and an open frame to share how we were feeling.  I guess that was the best way to deal with emotions that morning. A few of us, those that were better at articulating will verbalize what everybody was feeling.

Adriana stood up and told us a story. Her roommate had woken her up in the middle of the night screaming terrified because she had forgotten her special bag. She couldn’t tell what there was in the bag, nor what made it so special. But, apparently she had been having that nightmare since she started the program. In silence from the other side of the room I watched my roommate transform my nightmare in something that could be useful for everybody in the room. She said that she guessed that each one of us had a very special bag whatever that could mean and that it was important that none of us forget about it. The room exploded with cheers, I stood up and said: By the way the special bag was mine. Adriana looked at me and we all laughed.

We were asked to drop our lauggage early in the morning so we just had to wait until the truck came to pick everything up. We had some free time and the hotel wifi started to collapse with every one of us calling home for goodbyes. The truck arrived around 3. We had to see our lauggage get into the truck before being allowed on the bus. My lauggage was special so it got loaded last and so was I.

We arrived to the boat around 16. Everything happened very fast, passports, rooms, lifejackets, boat safety instructions. After all that very well organized kaos we were given free time until dinner, together with a glass of champagne.  I wanted to see the ship getting out of the port area. I ran to the upper deck with Paola and Adriana. It was foggy and we couldn’t see much. But  there we were, toasting for new beginnings surrounded by penguins and giant albatrosses.

         Do you reckon that this is probably the most expensive toast you will ever make, don’t you?

         Shut up!

         To us! – They laughed.


Approximately around 3 am we will be heading out of the Beagle Channel in to the Drake Straight. the open water. Dilia, the physician on board came to the restaurant – she had her head shaved, a blue overall and pink glasses- and told us  :

-I’m going to give each one of you a blíster with seasickness pills. You have to take one now and one tomorrow at 8 am. If you get sleepy, that you will, you go to bed. Are you clear?

That opened the thunder box. Each one of us was willing to tell her our particular little story. She didn’t care and she told us. 

-I dont care if you are taking other pills, wearing a patch, wearing magic bracelets… you take my meds and you’ll be fine.


-Yo take one now and one tomorrow. Understood?

-Yes, maam.

I took my pill and get straight to bed. I had already had enough emotions for a day.


*I know I have skipped one day, but it was pretty much the same than the previous one and 18th was far more exciting.