19th February 2018

Drake straight

Good morning, opossums! Breakfast will be served in five minutes. Greg’s voice fills in our cabins with love and brings us back to life on board.

– Wait a minute, this is moving. It is moving a lot. Clinging to the railing of my bed I try to decide what my next and intrepid movement will be. I do not know if it’s been the doctor’s pills, or ship rocking, but I’ve slept almost twelve hours and I do not feel the face. I’ll wait a bit to see if it gets better. It doesn’t. I embolden myself and I decide to go downstairs. The walls keep bumping into me. I have breakfast with Alice. We barely talk. It’s okay, we’re getting used to the boat and it’s 8 in the morning. There will be time. I follow the doctor instructions and I take the second pill. I crawl back to my cabin, I jump into bed and when I realize it’s already lunch time.

-Oh dear, half a day its gone already and I have only slept and eaten. Let’s at least have a shower.


Which seemed a fairly easy task becomes quite an endeavor. Once I get in the shower I am certain that my psychomotricity has abandoned me. The sea keeps beating me, and soon I decide I give up trying not to get my hair wet. After hitting the wall several times I develop a new strategy: Back and ass squeezed in the corner, legs making a 45º angle butting against the edge of the shower and the wall. Now my hands are released from the duty of keeping me alive, but I should not rush. I must wait until the boat is climbing up the wave to lather up, then when it surfs down the waves it is time to hold the handlers tight. I stay in the shower longer than I expected. I pretty clean, I’m so clean that I do not plan to shower again until we leave the Drake.

I spent the rest of the afternoon writing my diary with the girls. Uxua boasts her minimalist diary. Alex and I struggle to compensate our distracted art skills with enthusiasm. Meanwhile Alicia and Adriana combine gracefully their laugh with pencil colors.