February, 22nd  2018

The Great Wall 62°12’35.40″ S -58°57’26.39″ O

Morning possums. Breakfast will be served in 5’. After that you will have time to get ready for visiting the Great Wall Chinese scientific base.

I only had fruits for breakfast. I had the feeling I was eating way more than my body was using while confined in the ship. The visit to the Great Wall appeared to be a extremely sensitive matter. We couldn’t wonder around, beyond where we were authorized, which restricted our eager exploration spirit to a square with other 80 people. It was still fun.

There was a gong and two dragon-like statues, one female and one male that kept us entertained for the 45’ we were there. 3 guys wearing blue overalls watched us to make sure we did not trespass the limits they had specify on their schedule.

We had a bit of free time before lunch. However, Fabian and Marshall call the gender group for a prep meeting. We will be hosting the world café next day. It was nice to catch up but It left me with no time to prepare for the Simposium at the sea. I was nervous.

The day before I had a bit of a breakdown during the afternoon peer to peer coaching session. I guess I was a bit sad and a bit frustrated about not being able to interact in English as much as I would like to. I guess I was also secared of not being able to be funny in English. Melissa & Charlene were my triad that afternoon. They were ovely but I ended up criying. I wondered if I should create a new one or just try to do an ordinary talk. I was being mean to myself. In the end I decided to give it a go. I explained my language limitations and how I had literary no interest in their honesty. It worked. They were laughing. I´m also funny in English.

During the afternoon session Greg came downstairs. We knew something was coming but we could not imagine what it was, nor the impact it will have on us. A big chunk of ice after another. So beautiful it made our hearts rattle in our chest and turned our speech to 3 year olds. Wooow, uuuu, aaaa. Then it became real. We were in Antarctica.