February, 23rd  2018

Paulet Island 63°35′S 55°47′W

Height 75cm(30in), weight 5kg(11lb). Adelies penguins were named after the French explorer Dumont d’Urville’s wife who first discovered the species to science in 1837.

Penguin poo is particularly sticky. No better, no worst than seagulls poo but it made me think that its viscosity was remarkable. All our gear was covered in it. It is funny how after a while you don’t even notice. The stink becomes part of your daily life and you even start to enjoy it.

Paulet Island, is a peculiar place. A small Island half covered in ice half covered in penguins. I think here is where the penguin rules apply the most.

Penguins always have priority. You cant get closer than 3 meters to them. But, if a penguin gets intrigued by you – and be aware, they will- it is alright for you to stay still and steady and let them explore. Then, when they get bored and walk away you can start moving again. In the very likely event of you bumping into a penguin he will always have priority, you just have to stop and let them decide where they want to go.

Paulet has a small hut, from a former Swedish expedition. Their ship, the Antartic, crushed and sunk near the island and the survivors built a hut which is now a Historic Site under the Antartic Treaty. Their captain Otto Nordenskjöld left the island and his men and went to look for help to a “close by” station. After quite a journey and all kinds of serendipities he came back to rescue “his men”, he blew the horn of the ship and waited for them to come and greet him. But they didn’t. He couldn’t help to be mad. After all he had done for them… Still he went and check the hut. There, he found a score of Scandinavians stuck in a hut. Apparently, when they heard the horn, the excitement made them want to get out at once and blocked the entrance.

There are some places where you can´t get greedy.