About me

I was born in Zamora in 1986. A beautiful village 4 hours away from the seaside. Yet, I managed to  graduate with Honors in Oceanography and Environmental Sciences. Four years ago – after finishing my MSc. on Biodiversity Management and Conservation – I moved to Mallorca. That’s when I started my PhD on the effects of environmental variability and perturbations on seabirds population dynamics at IMEDEA-CSIC (Esporles). I believe that addressing the challenge of empowering women and engaging people in science has never been more urgent in order to avoid loss of scientific talent and to ensure future innovation capability, excellence and competitiveness. Thats why I invest most of my free time doing scientific outreach with Big VanI have travelled to more than 20 countries and lived in 10 different cities.  I’m fluent in 4 languages ( Spanish, English, French and Catalan), 7 if we count R, C++ and Python.

Here is my full cv